Important Facts About Your Oral Health

How should I handle a loose or knocked-out tooth?

Bite on clean gauze to bring the bleeding to an end. Next, you should place your avulsed tooth under your tongue or in milk and visit your dentist within an hour.

How often do I need to schedule a dental checkup?

Normally, a patient should visit their dentist twice yearly for a biannual checkup. Note, if you have periodontal (gum) disease or suffer from systemic conditions, visiting your dentist more often may be needed.

Is an X-ray necessary?

Digital radiography is an essential diagnostic tool that your dentist uses to detect oral issues that the naked eye can’t always see. In comparison to X-rays or CT scans, our advanced digital dental imaging system has low radiation. Additionally, we always implement ALARA principles for dental radiography, which are unique to each patient. Contact our dental clinic near you, if you have any concerns.

At what age should my child visit the dentist for their first dental checkup?

Your child should visit their dentist around age 2 or 3 as the majority of teeth will have erupted. The main goal of this appointment is to establish a dental home for your child and healthy relationship with their dentist.

What is the purpose of my child receiving a dental filling, if their baby teeth are not permanent?

Primary (baby) teeth serve more than one function. Asides from allowing your child to bite and chew they also reserve space in the mouth for permanent (adult) teeth. Keeping them healthy is vital to prevent issues in the future concerning permanent teeth.

If my teeth never cause me issues or pain, why should they be checked?

Many times, dental issues are painless in the beginning until they advance. Once they have advanced, treatment will be extensive, expensive and have a poorer prognosis. Maintaining regular checkups will ensure optimal oral health and prevent issues.

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