Composite Bonding in Davie

composite bonding in davie

Composite Bonding Near You

Regency Square Dental offers composite bonding as a treatment option to recreate a broken or imperfect smile. Bonding is an attachment between the filling material and the tooth’s original enamel that looks and functions very much like the original tooth. The process of composite bonding in Davie, FL 33330 is completed with little or no reduction in the original tooth needed. This type of bonding near you is less costly than veneers but can have long-lasting results that restore the true beauty of your smile.

Composite bonding is used in many different ways here at Regency Square Dental. Most commonly, our patients find it to be a great solution for repairing chipped teeth. The color is natural-looking, and the process is painless and affordable. At the end of the dental visit, it’s often hard to tell where the broken or chipped tooth was.

composite bonding near you

How Composite Bonding Works

Tooth-colored resin is applied to the damaged tooth to repair places where cracks, chips, or breaks have occurred. A curing light is then used to bond the material to the existing tooth structure. The process for composite bonding near you is typically painless, and the tooth is fully-functional after the bonding is applied.

Regency Square Dental in Davie, FL 33330 feels that patients should not have to adjust their smiles or hide their teeth due to cracks, chips, or broken teeth. It’s more than just a vanity issue; it affects your successes in business, your self-esteem, and how the world perceives you! Don’t hide your smile – restore it with the help of the professional team at Regency Square Dental.

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