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Dental Sealants Near You

The back teeth are the hardest to reach inside a child’s mouth and therefore the most likely place for a cavity to develop. The chewing surface of our teeth is not smooth, allowing food, bacteria and ultimately plaque to build up in these hard-to-reach areas. Even with the best brushing habits, the toothbrush bristles don’t always clean these cavity-prone areas effectively. We offer dental sealants near you to reduce cavities and plaque buildup in your child’s teeth!

dental sealants in davie

Purpose of Dental Sealants

Good dental hygiene is even more important for young children as their new, permanent teeth are not as resistant to tooth decay as adult teeth become as we get older. In fact, the enamel that coats and protects our permanent teeth becomes much stronger as we get older.

Dental sealants in Davie, FL 33330 provide protection from cavities in the form of clear plastic resin coatings that smooth out the roughness of the back teeth, making it harder for bacteria and plaque to find a home in these hard-to-reach teeth. We provide dental sealants near you to prevent complications down the road, save money in dental bills and, most importantly, prevent pain for your young one.

dental sealants near you

What are Dental Sealants Near You?

Sealants can be thought of as clear covers that are painted over the surface of the tooth and dried with a light with virtually no pain or discomfort. Teeth with sealants in Davie, FL 33330 are cared for exactly the same as teeth without them and have been shown to reduce decay by more than 70 percent.

The dental professionals at Regency Square Dental understand how important the health of your young family member’s teeth is. We’re patient, caring, and always aim to make your child’s dental visit a positive experience. Learn more about dental sealants near you by contacting our clinic.

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