Mouth Guards in Davie

Mouth Guards Near You

Wearing a mouthguard is a great way to protect your teeth while playing sports or participating in activities that could come with the risk of broken teeth and injuries to your lips, tongue, face or jaw.

mouth guards in davie

Purpose of Mouth Guards

A typical mouthguard will protect the upper teeth and will also provide protection for the soft tissues of your mouth including the tongue, lips, and cheek lining.

Mouth guards in Davie, FL 33330, known as night guards, may also be utilized to protect the teeth. These guards are worn while sleeping to protect your tooth enamel, cushion the jaw muscles to alleviate issues associated with nighttime Bruxism, more commonly known as teeth grinding.

At Regency Square Dental, we will help you determine which mouth guard is right for you to protect your smile based on your unique lifestyle.

Mouth Guards for Children

Mouth guards near you are most commonly used for children. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry promotes the use of mouth guards for kids participating in sports to protect their teeth and gums. Regency Square Dental offers many choices for mouth guards that will fit your child’s needs.

Night Guards for Children

The dentist’s at Regency Square Dental will work closely with you to determine if a night guard is needed for your child to prevent tooth damage in children who grind their teeth at night. It may be critical to address these issues during the growth stages of development to avoid issues where the teeth no longer fit together comfortably.

Mouth Guards/Night Guards for Adults

Mouth guards in Davie, FL 33330 and/or night guards can also protect the smiles of adults who lead active lifestyles or have issues with night grinding. Your dentist can work with you to find the best option for a custom-fitting mouth guard to save your smile from the possibility of injury or long-term issues caused by grinding.

If you have an active lifestyle, night grinding issues, or a child who is involved in sports, contact Regency Square Dental today to explore your options.

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