Full Mouth Implants in Davie, FL

Full Mouth Implants Near You

We understand that more than a single dental implant may be required for some patients to restore their smile. Full mouth implants are the more comprehensive alternative that provide stable, long-lasting support for upper or lower rows of teeth.

At Regency Square Dental, we provide full mouth implant dentistry services. Our dentist near you can explain this treatment in detail during a one-on-one consultation.

What are Full Mouth Implants?

Full mouth dental implants entail positioning numerous implants across the upper and lower jaw to support a complete array of substitute teeth. They can significantly improve both the aesthetics and functionality of your mouth.

Implanted dentures are a common selection, while bridge implants are also an option. When you come in, our dentists in Davie, FL ask you “what’s most important for you” first. Then, we know how to prepare a treatment specifically for you.

What are Full Mouth Implants For?

Dental implants, regardless of the number you acquire, are primarily used to fill spaces left behind by missing teeth. Other reasons for missing teeth include:

  • Oral trauma
  • Tooth extraction
  • Gum disease
  • Oral cancer
  • Sports injuries

The Implant Procedure

At our clinic, we begin every treatment journey with a preliminary appointment. During this visit, our dentist in Davie, FL, will review your medical history and physically inspect your mouth. A minimally invasive scan creates a complete oral image for us to review.

If your candidacy for full mouth implants is confirmed a customized treatment plan is designed. The plan begins with the implant procedure. Local anesthesia is usually given to numb the site and keep patients calm. Higher levels of sedation are also available if you struggle with anxiety or fear.

The dental implant process includes creating an excision in the gum tissue to uncover the jawbone, and drilling holes for screws to be placed, followed by a healing period where osseointegration occurs. Our staff will be at your side to answer questions and address concerns.

The Yomi Robot

We utilize the cutting-edge Yomi robot for full mouth dental implant procedures. It enhances our precision and accuracy during surgery, ensuring optimal placement of multiple implants throughout the jaw. This advanced technology not only streamlines the implant process but also minimizes discomfort and reduces recovery time for our patients.

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