Clear Aligners in Davie

Clear Aligners Near You

For people who want to have perfectly aligned teeth without having to endure years of metal brackets stuck to their teeth, clear aligners are likely the best solution. There are many benefits to straightening your teeth through the method of clear aligners, but first we will give you some background as to how they work.

clear aligners in davie

What Are Clear Aligners?

Having a set of clear aligners is a more convenient way of correcting misaligned or spaced teeth in comparison to braces. The main advantage of clear aligners near you is that they are clear and initially unnoticeable. They do not impact the way a person looks because of this. Compared to braces, which use brackets and wires to cause the teeth to move in a particular direction, aligners slip over the teeth and gradually shift them with each new set of aligners. Each set of aligners are custom-made depending on the specific needs of the patient.

Aligners in Davie, FL 33330 are not for everyone though. You need to see a dentist or an orthodontist to know whether or not you are qualified to use this teeth-straightening method. Usually, aligners are recommended for people who have minor issues with their mouths such as spacing or mildly crowded teeth. Mild overbites can also be corrected through aligners.

Children below the adolescent years are not recommended to use clear orthodontic aligners to straighten their teeth. The continuous development of the mouth alongside a child’s growth will affect the effectiveness of the orthodontic aligners. This type of treatment is best for teens and adults where no further changes in the mouth are expected.

clear aligners near you

How Do They Work?

The first appointment with the dentist or orthodontist is to determine the severity of the patient’s misalignment and if clear aligners can be used to correct their bite. Severe overbite or underbite cannot be fixed with aligners. For these cases, your orthodontist will recommend the use of braces. You will have an impression taken of your teeth, thereafter, to begin the creation process of the aligners. It is common for your orthodontist to schedule several appointments to check on the progress made during the course of the teeth correction process.

The clear orthodontic aligners in Davie, FL 33330 are fitted tightly over the teeth. It is usually made with strong but mouth-friendly materials such as clear plastic or acrylic material, barely visible to plain view. They can also be removed to allow the patient to eat comfortably and still manage to brush and floss thoroughly. You can also clean your aligners easier this way as opposed to the tedious cleaning process that comes with wearing traditional braces.

How Long Does It Take to Straighten Your Teeth?

There is no standard timeline on when your teeth will be fixed. It will be dependent on the severity of the misalignment and whether or not clear aligners near you are recommended for your specific case. Usually, the more misaligned your teeth are, the longer you have to wear the aligners. On average, the length of time for teeth to be fully straightened is between 10-14 months and up to 2 years for more severe cases. Within that timeframe are scheduled visits for adjustments until your teeth become totally aligned. For those people who had braces prior and would like to correct their smiles, the treatment with orthodontic aligners in Davie, FL 33330 could be as fast as two-and-a-half months.