Pediatric Dentistry in Davie

Pediatric Dentistry Near You

This specific area of dentistry deals with the development of oral health in infants, children, and young adolescents. It specializes with the examination and treatment of dental conditions that are mostly present in kids like dental caries and tooth decay in milk teeth.

Pediatric dentistry near you also helps remove the dread of going to the dentist at an early age. It can instill the importance of practicing good oral hygiene to children and associate the experience positively rather than negatively. In visiting a pediatric dentist, you are allowing your child to associate the dentist with an essential aspect of health care and bring this mentality into adulthood.

What are Some Conditions Seen by Pediatric Dentists?

Some of the usual issues handled by pediatric dentists are the following:

pediatric dentistry in davie

Dental Caries and Tooth Decay

Children are more likely to be exposed to plaque due to their tendency to consume sugary food and drinks. Despite the fact that children have milk teeth that will naturally fall off and be replaced by permanent teeth, it is still imperative that good oral hygiene practices are established at a young age. Children can be susceptible to gingivitis and dental abscess even at an early age, which means the development of proper oral care should be established as early as possible with the help of pediatric dentistry in Davie.

pediatric dentistry near you

Teething Issues

Teething should also be observed in infants as it is important in their speech development and weaning to solid food. Through various methods, a pediatric dentist can evaluate whether the development and eruption of baby teeth, as well as the development of the jaw, is right on time. With the help of pediatric dentistry near you, you can check to see whether any discomfort or pain caused by teething is normal or should be treated.

Misaligned Teeth

Also called Malocclusion, this is a condition where the upper and lower set of teeth do not meet when jaws are closed. This condition can cause difficulties with speaking and eating normally, not to mention making the tongue and gums prone to injuries. A pediatric dentist can solve this issue with braces.

Why Visit a Pediatric Dentist?

Whether it is annual, every six months, or whenever deemed necessary, a child must be brought to a pediatric dentist every once in a while, as soon as possible. Regular involvement in pediatric dentistry in Davie develops the thinking that going to the dentist is an important part of their health care habits and removes any notion of fear of dentists.

The parents are also provided with updates on any current issues with the child’s teeth so that it can be treated or prevented. Education about proper and child-friendly oral care are also taught to the parents and children.

Teeth growth and eruption in infants are monitored by the dentist as well as the development of the jaw. Any bad habits that affect teeth health can be stopped. Early signs of cavity and tooth-decay can also be screened and administered with preventive maintenance.