five facts about dentures

FIVE Facts About Dentures

There are many reasons why a full set of teeth is important, aside from the aesthetic appeal of a nice smile, teeth help to fill in our mouths, are important when it comes to speech and the correct pronunciation of words while ensuring we can chew/digest food correctly. At Regency Square Dental, we provide dentures in Davie and are pleased to assist you in finding your ideal dental replacement.

Given the critical role teeth play, having some or all of them missing can compromise our health and self-image.

Tooth loss tends to occur as we age but can also be due to trauma, accident, injury, and tooth decay. As we grow older, the likelihood that we may need dentures increases.

If you’re looking for a dentist in Davie, we offer different denture options to help you regain your smile. Below are five facts everyone should know about this dental appliance.

1. They can take a little getting used to

Depending on whether you need dentures for a couple of missing teeth or a full set, it will impact your transition. Generally, if it’s just for one or two teeth, getting used to wearing dentures can be pretty straight forward.

If, however, you’re getting a full set then there are some other things to be aware of.

Before dentures are fitted any underlying teeth will be removed first, this is to ensure a snug fit. This can sometimes cause tenderness in your gums. Once the required teeth are removed a temporary pair of dentures are provided while your permanent set is being custom made. It’s important not to get too worried if your interim dentures don’t feel “right”.

Over time your mouth will adjust to the feeling of wearing dentures and your gums will settle down, so you will need some patience during this time.

2. Did you know singing can help?

Yes, you read correctly, when dentures are first placed it can seem hard to pronounce your words and certain syllables as you learn to navigate your new teeth.

Singing is a great way to help with this! Sing your heart out and your dentures will feel more natural quicker. Just keep your mouth wide and project your unique voice.

3. Go easy on your choice of foods

As with any dental work your gums will be a little tender. While you’re learning to wear your new dentures, choose foods that are easier to chew and will cause less friction in your mouth.

Choose foods that don’t require as much chewing and will be easier on your gums.

4. Dentures can’t feel temperature

Teeth have soft centers, in which a nerve sits which transmits signals such as “too hot” or “too cold”. It’s the trigger when you have decay in your teeth which people refer to as a “toothache”.

Because of this lack of receptors in dentures, it will be harder to tell if the temperature of food is too cold, or more dangerously, too hot.

When you’re getting used to your dentures near you, be mindful to check temperatures as hot liquid can damage them.

5. They require care

Like natural teeth, dentures need care and cleaning to keep them in good condition. If you have a complete set, you must clean them regularly with a special cleaning solution to remove bacteria and debris. It’s also important to support gum health so that means, keep brushing your gums.

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Give us a call and we can schedule a complimentary assessment. We have been providing dentures in Davie for many years now and would love to help you achieve the smile you deserve!

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