how to brush your teeth after a tooth extraction

How to Brush Your Teeth After a Tooth Extraction

Whether it was because you had a broken tooth or had a tooth infection, you may have needed to get a tooth extraction near you. It is important to know how to look after your mouth when you get a tooth extraction so that you heal properly and with no complications. Our team at Regency Square Dental has put together this article so that you know how to best look after your oral health after getting a tooth extraction in Davie.

Healing After Tooth Extractions

After you get a tooth extraction, your body creates a blood clot at the extraction site. This is the first part of the natural healing process and is the beginning of your body healing the extraction site. Since this blood clot is essential to healing, your dentist in Davie will ask you to bite down on a clean piece of gauze to help stop bleeding at the extraction site and form a clot. In some circumstances, your dentist will place a few sutures to close the gum at the extraction site, which will also help to stabilize the clot. These sutures are usually self-dissolving, and your dentist near you will let you know if they require you to come back to the office to get your stitches removed. In some cases, the blood clot that forms at the extraction site can break loose, causing the jaw bone to become exposed. This painful condition is referred to as a dry socket and typically requires your dentist to cover the area with a dressing for a couple of days while the new blood clot forms. An extraction site with a dry socket will be much more painful and take much longer to heal. This is why it is so important to take proper care of your extraction site after your tooth has been removed.

Looking After Your Mouth After a Tooth Extraction

While tooth extractions are safe, the procedure creates an open wound on your gums. Since your mouth hosts different kinds of bacteria, it is vital to do everything you can to help your extraction site heal as quickly as possible. Proper oral hygiene is the key to feeling better, preventing infection, and healing quickly. Here are some tips to follow when brushing your teeth after getting a tooth extraction:

  • Brush your teeth every morning and night to make certain that your mouth remains clean for quick healing. Be sure to also brush your tongue to help get rid of any bacteria resting there.
  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and clean your teeth and gums gently and slowly.
  • Do not clean teeth beside your extraction site for the first day, but begin gently and slowly cleaning them the following day. Try not to let your toothbrush hit the socket for the first three days.
  • Rinse your mouth using a warm salt water solution after each meal to keep food particles and bacteria away from the extraction site. Swish the water slowly and don’t rinse vigorously to avoid dislodging the blood clot.

In most cases, you can return to normal brushing and flossing about one week after getting a tooth extraction.

Want to Learn More?

If you have recently gotten a tooth extraction, these tips should help you heal properly and quickly. If you have any complications when healing, contact our team at Regency Square Dental for a checkup. We are happy to provide you with additional tips and information to ensure that you heal and maintain optimal oral health for years to come.

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