teeth whitening options and safety

Teeth Whitening Options and Safety

These days, most people want to achieve a beautiful, bright smile. We see ads for whitening products everywhere, from social media to commercials on TV. But many people worry about the effectiveness and safety these advertised products can offer. Some even might be anxious about undergoing a professional procedure, as they fear it could be painful. In truth, there’s a safe option fit for everybody, but it will entirely depend on the health of your teeth and your desired results. Keep reading to learn more about the options you have if you want either blinding results or a more natural look. We’ll break it all down for you below.

Your teeth may be stained due to a myriad of reasons. Although some could be related to your lifestyle habits, others are more related to things outside your control such as genetics and aging. Yes, the color of teeth is hereditary as your genes are involved in determining the intrinsic tone of your dentin. This tone will ultimately affect the color of your teeth since the enamel, which is the exterior part of our teeth, is translucent. Another thing that affects the intrinsic color of teeth is aging. Growing old, changes, the microstructure, and hardness of dentin, leading to normal gradual discoloration. If you need to treat the intrinsic discoloration to obtain a brighter smile, then only your dentist in Davie can help you as you need professional teeth whitening techniques. These are completely safe as long as they’re overseen by a dentist.

Professional teeth whitening

If you schedule an appointment for teeth whitening in Davie, the dentist will first make a quick assessment of your overall oral health. After making sure you’re not suffering from cavities, decay or other conditions, they will protect your gums and then apply a whitening substance with a bleaching component. This active component is carbamide peroxide. The concentration of bleach in the products they use is higher than the concentration found in commercial methods, which is why they achieve faster and more drastic results.

At-home methods

But what about over the counter products? Well, these can only help with extrinsic discoloration. This means the outer stains on your enamel caused by habits such as drinking wine, coffee, and smoking. Most of these products work by eliminating the outer stains of your teeth, rendering a brighter smile. At-home methods can also be prescribed by your dentist in Davie, FL if you were to need them, and there are various options. These can be whitening toothpaste, whitening strips, trays, and rinses. These are also safe but take into consideration the results for reasons previously explained, tend to be milder. Also, most at-home products require continued use before you can start actually seeing results.

A common side effect both types of teeth whitening options might have is the appearance of tooth sensitivity. This is usually temporary, but using products for sensitive teeth can help decrease the discomfort a great deal.

If you’re still unsure about what the best option for you is, just visit a dentist near you. They are qualified to recommend the preferred method for your specific case. Have in mind it’s likely to depend on several factors that need to be studied by your dental professional. Some of these are:

● Your age
● The results you’re seeking
● Your dental history
● Any restorative work you might have
● Your teeth’s sensitivity level
● Your type of tooth discoloration you have
● Your budget

So depending on these specifics, your dentist near you will recommend the perfect plan for you to start your journey to successful whitening.

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