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Temporary Crown vs. Permanent Crown: What’s the Difference?

With a growing number of smile solutions, more people are seeing dentists for dental care and asking for various restorations to protect their teeth and maintain their attractiveness.

You can be sure that the dentist will not let you down when you visit the office to get repairs for a tooth that has been damaged due to decay or trauma.

Whether you need a dental crown to protect a damaged tooth or hide a severely discolored tooth, you must schedule at least two appointments with the dentist near you and prepare yourself to put up with having a crown placed temporarily on your tooth before receiving a permanent one.

What Are Temporary Crowns?

Temporary crowns made from plastic or metal have little economic value because the materials are inexpensive and act as a temporary covering for your teeth after a few weeks of preparation. In addition, unlike permanent restorations, temporary crowns are delicate and only meant to be temporary.

When getting dental crowns to protect your tooth and undergoing the tooth preparation procedure, the dentist removes extensive tooth structure, filling the affected tooth on the tops and sides to make space for permanent restoration.

What Are Permanent Crowns?

Tooth caps, also known as permanent dental crowns, are strong restorations that help enclose your decayed or broken tooth to restore its size, strength, and beauty.

With good oral hygiene, permanent crowns made of metal, porcelain fused to metal, ceramic, gold, or all resin are long-lasting and can stay on your teeth for up to ten years.

The dental laboratory has to fabricate permanent dental crowns in around three weeks.

The temporary crown is taken out by dentist on your second visit, and the permanent replacement is examined for colour and fit. The permanent crown is cemented over your teeth using specialized dental cement if everything checks out.

If your temporary or permanent dental crown falls out, what should you do?

There is always the possibility that dental crowns, whether permanent or temporary, will come out, particularly if you don’t practice good oral hygiene.

But if one of your permanent or temporary teeth falls out, the best course of action is to schedule an appointment with your dentist and get your tooth replaced as quickly as possible.

You know that exposing the prepared tooth to the elements allows oral bacteria to grow and cause further harm.

Caring for Your Temporary and Permanent Crown:

Maintaining good oral hygiene is also essential if you want to keep the area surrounding the temporary crown free of bacteria.

In addition to brushing and flossing, you also need to make sure that you avoid bad oral habits like biting your fingernails, chewing ice, and using your teeth for things other than eating.

After dental crowns receive their permanent restoration, you can revisit them to have the dental crown placed on your prepared tooth.

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For teeth that have decayed or sustained damage, dental crowns are a crucial restorative procedure. Our doctors use dental crowns to repair teeth that are weak, broken, or visually impaired.

We provide dental crowns in Davie to our patients. Dental crowns are an essential part of dental restorations for teeth that have decayed or sustained injury. Dental crowns are used by our specialists to restore teeth that are weak, fractured, cracked, or visually impaired.

In addition, our team replaces lost teeth with bridges or implants using dental crowns.

Dentist in Davie want to offer reliable guidance to help you make informed decisions about your care. Our staff genuinely cares about assisting each customer in reaching their oral health objectives.

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