understanding dental crowns what can you do if your crown breaks

Understanding Dental Crowns – What Can You Do if Your Crown Breaks?

A dental crown, commonly also known as a dental cap, is used to cover a cavity that is too large to be filled. Your dentist may recommend for you to get a dental crown to help fix the appearance of your tooth as well as to support the functionality of the affected tooth. It helps protect your tooth after a root canal procedure, prevents the discoloration of your tooth, and helps in the event of a tooth mishap. The dimensions of the crown are molded to fit your tooth and then cemented on the tooth, thus completely covering the missing portion of your tooth that lies above the gum line. These are strong and durable structures when made with the right material and size.

Here are a few situations in which your dentist would recommend getting a dental crown for your tooth. Your dentist may recommend for you to get a dental crown to help fix the appearance of your tooth as well as provide functional support for the affected tooth. It helps in restoring an existing broken tooth or a worn-down tooth. As mentioned earlier, a dental crown covers a large cavity that cannot be filled thus providing support and restoration to the tooth. It also helps to conserve and cover a dental implant.

As strong and durable of a structure the crown may be, sometimes it may crack or break. A few common reasons that may cause damage to your crown are: Falling face front or getting hit in the face – this can cause the crown to break or crack. Regularly using your teeth to open a bottle or packages, biting items like stationery or your nails, and hard foods may also damage your crown. A common phenomenon called bruxism – when you bite into or grind the top of your teeth too hard (can happen when you’re asleep as well) also leads to damage in your crown. Another common cause is regular wear and tear of the crown itself.

When and if you do break or crack your dental crown remember, there is no reason to panic or stress if any of the above reasons do occur. Visit your nearest dentist immediately to be as good as new in no time! In the meantime, while you’re waiting for an appointment, here are a few things that you can do to ease any pain or discomfort. Avoid hot or cold foods to prevent any sensitivity if your tooth pulp is exposed. In case of bleeding, cover your tooth with gauze. Rinsing your mouth with lukewarm saltwater also reduces discomfort temporarily. If accessible, using dental wax on the broken or chipped crown helps in preventing soreness as well.

To have your dental crown fixed, find the nearest dentist in Davie to first assess the crown and determine the extent of the damage. If the damage is minimal, the dentist may fix the chip with a resin, a compound material the same color as your tooth. In other cases, the crown may need reshaping or may need to be smoothed out. Sometimes you may even require a new crown, but it’s best to let the dentist provide you with all the available options that suit your needs best.

Do you have a broken crown and need help? If you’re living in Davie or nearby, visit Regency Square Dental for extensive and quality dental care. With a team of dedicated doctors with over 40 years of experience, you will be looked after like family and ensured the best oral health care.

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