when do dental fillings need to be replaced?

When Do Dental Fillings Need to Be Replaced?

When it comes to dental procedures, we all like to simply get them over with and then forget they ever happened! However, simple restorative procedures like dental fillings will require follow up appointments at some point since they are not permanent and are prone to deterioration over time. If you do not attend these appointments at a dentist office near you and get them replaced or re-filled when needed, chances are you will have to go through far more complex, invasive and expensive procedures later on. Therefore, it is always good to be properly aware of when exactly you need to visit your dentist in Davie, FL to get your dental fillings replaced.

Signs that your dental fillings need replacing

As mentioned earlier, dental fillings are not permanent procedures. Think of it like getting new tires for your car when the old ones wear off. Regardless of how new or great the quality of your tires are, they will also eventually wear off with time, and you need to replace them with newer tires. Just like you know when to get the tires for your car replaced, there are tell-tale signs that show you that it is about time to make an appointment at your dental clinic in Davie, FL for a dental filling replacement.

If you see one or more of the signs mentioned below, do not wait to search for a dental clinic that provides dental fillings near you since the more you wait, the more difficult it will be to repair the damage with simply another filling, and without having to go for a more complex procedure like root canal therapy.

Chipping of the filling

Usually, the very first sign that shows your dental filling is nearing its last days is noticeable cracking or chipping. You will feel it being chipped away especially when you bite into something hard when you eat, or simply feel tiny parts of filling falling off when you touch that area with your tongue. This is the best time to book your appointment for dental fillings in Davie, FL since the filling has not been too damaged to affect the interior of the tooth yet. The moment the filling chips and falls off to create an opening where bacteria can go in, you open yourself up to a far more complex procedure to fix the damage rather than simply getting a replacement for your filling.

Signs of decay starting to develop around the tooth

A dental filling is done to close a cavity or damage that increases the risk of tooth decay. If you have had your filling for a few years, and you start seeing signs of decay, when you brush your teeth that is also a reminder for you to make an appointment to replace the filling. These signs include discolouration of teeth, minor to moderate pains, sudden increased sensitivity of teeth and more. The earlier you catch these signs, the better because if you wait until the decay gets deeper, you will not be able to fix it with a simple filling. This makes a good reason for you to not miss your routine checkups with your dentist since they will be able to catch these signs before they start becoming too damaging.

A leaking filling

When it comes to a dental filling, leaking means having gaps or spaces caused when the filling breaks off or decays. This tends to be the last and the most urgent warning when it comes to replacing your filling. If you ignore this sign, it is extremely likely that your tooth will be infected by bacteria, and cause you to opt for root canal treatment or extraction.

Do not wait until you can clearly see the decay or until the pain becomes unbearable before you decide to get a replacement for your filling. While a dental filling replacement is a virtually painless and easy procedure, if you miss it, the more complex procedures you may need later will definitely be more painful and quite expensive as well. Making sure you do not miss your routine dental checkups at least once every 6 months is the best way to find out when to replace your dental fillings. Your dentist can properly check the state of your filling and inform you when you might have to make that appointment.

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