five fact about tooth colored fillings

Five Facts About Tooth-Colored Fillings

Dental amalgam or “silver fillings” were used on millions of patients to restore their teeth from decay removal. These common restorations were considered the best option in the past. Dentists still use this sturdy and time-tested material in Davie, FL. However, in recent years it has had serious competition as newer restoration techniques have grown in popularity such as tooth-colored fillings. To learn about these tooth-colored substances used to create fillings, continue reading below. Now on to the five facts:

Tooth-colored resins may allow more conservative treatment to remove decay

Silver fillings usually require “undercutting.” This process involves the removal of tooth structure to secure the filling in place. The bonding process for tooth-colored fillings near you requires less removal of tooth material. So what does this mean? There will be a stronger base for rebuilding the tooth’s structure.

Different degrees of tooth restoration require different treatment methods

If you have small cavities, they can be treated using direct “chairside” techniques. These techniques are similar to the methods used for traditional silver filings. In only a brief visit, the process is completed. Alternatively, when a greater volume of tooth structure must be replaced, your dentist in Davie, FL, will likely be able to create a larger tooth-colored filling in a more extended visit. Additionally, they may have a special restoration made to match your teeth. You will be asked to return to their office to have it securely bonded for a natural and long-lasting result.

Filling material needs to match the properties of natural teeth

Your teeth are strong, resilient, and extremely functional when they are adequately taken care of. A good filling material should mimic the natural strength and stability of teeth under biting forces. It should also last for many years to come, be relatively easy to place, and affordable. In past times, amalgam fillings were the best choice, tooth-colored fillings in Davie are now taking over.

Tooth-colored-filling materials offer similar benefits, plus aesthetic appeal

Dental porcelains and composite resins are sturdy, durable materials that have proven to hold up well under years of use. They closely resemble the appearance of your real teeth, unlike traditional silver filings. So what does this mean? Well, even a restoration in the front of your mouth may be nearly undetectable. Sounds great right?

Amalgam (silver fillings) and tooth-colored fillings are safe and effective

Of course, each of these options has pros and cons. However, the technology of tooth-colored filling systems continues to evolve; many dental researchers prefer this option. Wondering if tooth-colored fillings are right for you? Visit your dental clinic in Davie for more information.

The Process

Firstly, the procedure for tooth-colored fillings is quick and painless. Local anesthesia will be administered during your appointment to numb the teeth and gums. The dentist near you will proceed with the treatment once the numbing effects take place. Your dentist will remove the infected tooth material, clean the tooth, and apply the tooth-colored resin directly into the cavity. The composite resin material is then shaped to maintain your natural bite and hardened with a special curing light.

What Are the Benefits?

Now, let us move onto the benefits of tooth-colored fillings in Davie.

1. Aesthetically Appealing

Tooth-colored fillings blend with your surrounding tooth structure, unlike silver and gold fillings. No one else will be able to tell you had a cavity whether you are laughing, speaking, or yawning.

2. Long-Lasting

Your tooth-colored filling in Davie could last for more than ten years if it is correctly cared for. You should be sure to brush twice daily, floss daily, and attend a dental exam and cleaning every six months.

3. Mercury-free

There is some mercury– a toxic material in silver fillings. The mercury in silver fillings is low and safe for your teeth and body, but most patients prefer a mercury-free option. Luckily, tooth-colored fillings are free from mercury.

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